05 December 2013

December Daily

Moving forward, even in the dark. For some odd reason, this whole thing feels kind of cheeky. I wonder why that might be. Or maybe sharing with you is what makes it so. IDK. I do know that each time I see a December Daily project online I think: I totally need to be a part of this.

So. Here I am. Being a part of this project. Cutting my digital scrapping teeth this December 2013. I think my style is a bit more simple than I am allowing myself to be here. I am moving forward with it, nonetheless. I am not yet certain on what I will do with those square .jpg files!


YES. We are over the moon happy with the subject of December 5 :) I included thirteen different Italian cities in the the booklet, from Venice to Florence to Pompeii to Pisa. It's tucked in a folder in their Christmas box that will be on its way to Louisiana tomorrow. Some little Cajun cousins will be in Bella Italia in June!

1 comment:

  1. Love when I have the house to myself and it is quiet. Is Nicolaus coming to your house! He comes on the 6th to ours!