30 April 2014

Corner View

corner view :: small things

Some rather promising small things are currently happening in our little garden behind the house. We have four varieties of tomatoes this year after taking a couple of years off from growing anything besides basil for our pesto habit. I think we'll be up to our ears in pomodori if things go well, and I couldn't be happier than to have that potential problem: tomatoes for breakfast, tomatoes for lunch, tomatoes for dinner, snack time tomatoes, insalata caprese, bruschetta, tomato and mayo sandwiches (my Granda's fav), tomatoes with cucumbers, tomato soup, cold pasta with tomatoes, salsa, BLT, tomatoes with tuna, tomato sauce...neither of us has ever met a homegrown tomato we didn't like. Small things like this do bring me joy. I hope they survive the rest of this chilly spring!

Corner View is a weekly appointment shared by people around the globe, an appointment started in the spring of 2009 by Jane in Spain and currently hosted by Francesca over at Fuori Borgo. We welcome you to join us.


  1. Before you know it they will be ripe and you will be enjoying their perfection. Yummy!

  2. i'll be over for breakfast! or lunch! or/and dinner :)

  3. Oh, those tender, little tomatoes! What a satisfaction.