26 April 2014

a bit of photography magic

"It looks like I am looking at God and He is smiling sunshine." - Young One, age 9

Upon first seeing our gallery of photos from a recent photo session, a good friend of mine said, "You all sure do clean up nicely."

Well, I guess we do.

But I have to tell you...this magic was created by the amazingly talented partnership of Susanna and Joe. You can check out their work here.

I've wanted professional family portraits for a while...okay...nine years! And I finally took the occasion of Young One's upcoming First Communion to schedule a session. While I wanted the focus on her, I am pleased that Richard and I cleaned up a bit and joined in the session.

These were taken in our "back yard" and in a neighboring village. Can you believe the perfect timing of the cherry blossoms? We totally lucked out with an early bloom. And those steps? Goodness. Those steps make me unnaturally happy. And the best part? This is our home. It's the best place to make a family picture.

I cannot recommend this team of Susanna Avery-Lynch and Joe Lynch enough. Funny, kind, respectful, smart...true professionals who work smoothly as a team, before, after, and during the shoot. The prints are perfect, too.

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  1. The Photos are simply stunning! What a treasure! I am glad you took the opportunity to get in on the action. We need to do this! We haven't had a family photo in about 8 years!