25 April 2014


I've been fairly absent from here as of late, but have no fear, I haven't given up on this whole blogging thing. We've just been running quite a bit lately, and when we aren't running I haven't felt very inspired to share much here. Early this morning I had my big camera out in preparation for a morning at the baseball field when I saw this happening.

That, my friends, was the little spark of inspiration that I needed . . . from the cat, no less! #luigithewondercat

Have a great weekend! I'm off to the post office and then to meet a dear friend for a spritz. I hope you have at least one spritz in your weekend.



  1. Inspiration comes from the most surprising places sometimes! Glad to see you caught the spark :)

  2. i still don't know what a spritz is - your village is clearly more cosmopolitan than mine :)
    happy weekend!

  3. Darling! Have a great weekend!