08 December 2014


1. I really want to be a more frequent blogger.
2. My daughter has taken a step into the realm of community theater.
3. Which means we have all taken a step into community theater.
4. Community theater is great fun and fosters many positive things.
5. It also requires a huge commitment of time for performers.
6. And their parents.
7. My daughter's parents don't function well without a good daily schedule.
8. We have somehow maintained all of our other commitments as well as some out-of-the-ordinary social outings during all of this.
9. Last night we hosted our annual Christmas party where we usually proudly serve our guests chicken and andouille (direct from Louisiana) gumbo -- it's a tradition our guests have come to expect.
10. We ordered Thai, instead.


  1. One has to do what one has to do! I am sure everyone loved Thai! Have a great week!