17 February 2015

carnival weekend in nice, france

The weekend in Nice was a wash: events were canceled, sidewalks were pulled up, the beach was inaccessible. The weather was absolutely awful, except for these few times I've captured here. We did have some lovely moments with friends new and old, but, really . . . we go to the South of France in February for the hope of warmth and sun along with the hope of a unique carnival experience.

Negative today? Absolutely. I am just attempting to "keep it real," friends; it rained on my parade, at least one of them and you should know by now that I am ALL about the parade.

I love a crowd of friends that instinctively pauses for a group "selfie" when the opportunity arises.


Just a few travel tips for Nice, France:

::: AirBnB has lots of great tiny apartments in Nice, perfect for a family of three. We had a satisfying experience with this one.

::: There is a Pierre Hermé kiosk selling macarons inside of the Galeries Lafayette. We have decided that Pierre Hermé is THE best in the macaron business, so this was a lovely little discovery for us.

::: We had very fine Breton galettes (savory buckwheat crepes) at La Voix de son Maître and would likely return on a subsequent trip. The collection of antique phonographs was quite impressive as well.

::: Though not pictured here, we did visit the Chagall museum. Did you know that Chagall was alive when the museum was created and that he was involved in the concept and design of the space?

::: An absolute favorite thing for us to do in foreign cities is to hit the supermarket. There is a large CarreFour on the edge of town where we picked up things from almond flour and La Fermiere yogurt to butter and a piece of  Emile Henry cookware. I also found a few La Parfait jars. . . because who doesn't want a few French jars in her kitchen? And, of course, we found more wine.

::: Next time I'm heading to the carnival celebration in Menton.


  1. WHAT a fabulous place for people watching! I was in Nice a few years ago, just for a day. Loved it even without a carnival going on. So I can only imagine the sights YOU saw!

  2. From where I sit, looks pretty amazing. The culture in Europe is so different than the US. I find it so refreshing.

  3. I loved the photos and they made me yearn to return to Nice. It looks so vibrant and alive! I am sorry it rained, it did rain at the same time here in Italy, too, so there was no escape.