07 February 2015

cittadella views

When I visited Colmar, in the Alsace region of France, I remember thinking there couldn't be any place quite as quaint as Colmar. We've seen our fair share of quaint across Europe and even the US, but there was just something a bit different about Colmar. 

That was until we visited nearby Cittadella recently. In the province of Padova, the old town of Cittadella is surrounded completely by her recently restored medieval wall that once served to protect her from invading enemies. I mean, the wall completely circles the old town. I've seen many walls or parts of walls all over Italy but never anything quite as perfect as this. (This perfection, in some respects, almost makes it a bit TOO quaint for the likes of us. Almost.)

For a small fee, visitors can gain access to the wall and its accompanying museums, and that is exactly what we did, even with a pair of reluctant ten-year-old girls. We bribed them with promises of the ice rink in the center of town, which, of course, included hot chocolate at the bar nearby.

A highlight of the walk upon the wall was the spectacular views of the pre-Dolomiti. 

And that brick. Mamma mia. That Brick.

Cittadella Tips

- We stumbled upon the Taverna degli Artisti during our first visit and liked it so much that we have already returned with friends. Go. Soon. Make a reservation because it was full each time we visited. Everything each of us ordered on both visits was very good.

- Dogs above a certain size are not welcome on the wall...unless you agree to carry them!

-Market day is Monday.

-For a more detailed account of a recent visit to Cittadella, visit Rossi.

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  1. A lovely account with great photos.
    I particularly liked the one of Cittadella's main street seemingly leading all the way to the pre-Dolomites.
    Thank you for including a link to my blog. :)