31 January 2015

present participle list | january 2015

I'm jumping on the monthly "present participle list" bandwagon this year, partly because I'm excited that there are people who can identify present participles and partly because I'm hoping it will end this blogging break I seem to have permanently taken. I hope to continue with the "weekend (-ing)" posts soon as well.

As January 2015 draws to a close, we three are ...

JAMMIN' to Ed Sheeran. I bought his album after hearing "Thinking Out Loud" on the radio on the morning drive. Rolling Stone describes his album as being "full of hooky, heartfelt folk pop, tinged with subtle electronic touches."  Although he is new to me, my students assure me that he has been around for a bit. I bet you knew that, too.

VISITING local middle schools. Our family has a big decision to make soon, and we three don't all entirely agree on every aspect of this decision. School choice certainly has some drawbacks, as does providing a sense of autonomy for my ten-year-old girl.

READING fiction. Yes. It's a goal of 2015: "Read more fiction." In January I've finished 3.5 novels, which is 3 novels more than I managed to read in December.  Are we connected on GoodReads? I'm having a difficult time replacing nonfiction with fiction, but I am doing it.  I just finished The Round House by Louise Erdrich. Yes. I highly recommend it. More on those 2015 goals later on this blog, I hope.

STUDYING music. (2015 Goal #2, actually.)  I've started piano lessons, which marks the first time in my life that I have studied music. OMG. I learned so much in two, thirty minute lessons. My brain is on FIRE.

LEARNING about wine. Richard is participating in a course hosted by ONAV that could lead to him becoming a bonafide, certified "Assaggiatore di Vino" (Wine Taster.) He keeps reminding me that he is not taking the final test; he is only auditing this year-long course, only interested in learning.

IGNORING my DSLR.  Yesterday I downloaded pictures from December only to discover that I  failed to document the holiday season with it. Failed miserably. Sigh. I hate this. Maybe I need a project or a challenge. Film photography is the project I'm most seriously considering, which does absolutely nothing for my DSLR situation.

CREATING a photo book.  Mpix makes it so easy to upload my holiday Instagram photos directly from my iPhone. Easy is working well for me these days.

DEVOURING graphic novels at home. Of course I know about them. Of course I understand their significance. Of course I've put them in the hands of many a student. At Christmas I put El Deafo in the hands of my girl and magic ensued. Now SHE is on fire. Do you know how many books I have put in the hands of this girl in her lifetime?

DEBATING Serial. Honestly, am I the only one disappointed with the ending? I'm not so sure I am tuning in for the next one. Any good podcasts to suggest? I can't seem to get beyond This American Life.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! It's good to be back. Let's see if I can make it a habit.

  2. Yay! You're back. I almost left a knock, knock comment on the blog the other day to see if anyone was home! I completely understand how hard it is to get back into blogging after a dry spell. It's like a bandaid, you just have to rip real quick, that is, just go for it and don't look back!

  3. You will get backin the groove again. Currently I am frustrated with my DSLR as lighting and balancing the f-stop are so tricky. I just did a photo shoot with a family where the daughter was so fair. While I ended up with manygood photos. So many were out of focus or she was over-exposed even though her parents were perfectly exposed. Ugh! The problem I think was I probably should have bumped up my iso because I lost some of my light due the little girl not wanting too cooperate.

    1. It can be very frustrating. I could NEVER do it as a business, no matter how "good" I get.

  4. piano! that's wonderful!!