30 March 2015

present participle | march 2015

I'm jumping on the monthly "present participle list" bandwagon this year, partly because I'm excited that there are people who can identify present participles and partly because I'm hoping it will end this blogging break I seem to have permanently taken. 

March 2015

EXPERIMENTING with my film camera. After first loading the 35mm film, I had to work up courage to press the shutter button. Weirdo. I should receive the results of the first roll any day now.

STRESSING over a pending project deadline at work. Every year I swear to manage it better and every year it only gets worse.

GRIEVING for the families of Germanwings Flight 9525.

LISTENING to a new-to-me podcast, Invisibilia; it "explores the intangible forces that shape human behavior – things like ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions."  A friend sent me the link & I'm a bit hooked.

SHOWING up to events at / with my daughter's school with gusto! After all, this is the last- ever chess tournament, the last-ever fun run, and the last-ever Holy Wednesday prayer procession of primary school. Ever.

APPRECIATING the fact that I have a husband who sleeps under our roof most nights and who is generally home before 18:00. This is after he was away for ten nights in March. I can handle it all alone, but I really don't want to.

CELEBRATING Young One's first role in a musical; she has been cast as {.....insert drum rollll.....} the BAKER! in a local production of Aladdin Jr. She is ecstatic, over-joyed, energized, truly excited beyond belief. I think she might have one line in the hour-long production. There is a lot to learn from this child, who thought perhaps she would like to be cast as Jasmyn, and her reaction, friends. A lot. I am quite pleased, quite pleased indeed.

PACKING our bags for an upcoming road trip, East.


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