24 May 2010

tech toy

Richard found himself in an Apple store on a recent trip to the States & returned with a toy, of sorts.  Though it officially belongs to him (ha!), we 3 all love the dang thing & can't wait to get our hands on it.

iPad Training

He brought it to the recent field trip excursion we had with Young One's class.  The parents were intrigued -- most have iPhones, but, moreso, the children loved it.  After allowing them to play several rounds of this game, I then taught them to say "iPad" in English -- as in,  "Mamma, I want an iPad."

Luckily, everyone saw the humor in 6 year olds requesting iPads.   In fact, most of what made our weekend away with these strangers tolerable is that they are all so dang funny --  joking, lauging, kidding, smiling ALL THE TIME.  I was just doing my part.


  1. Just last Friday Anna informed us she would really like an I-Pad. My response was ---"Me Too"

  2. Anna can use my iPad this summer when we are in LA. I've got a couple of cool games. It's going to be great to see everyone this summer.

  3. Very funny! I just recently saw my first I-Pad and it is a nice toy. We also just discovered angry birds last week...actually somehow, Camille, the four year old discovered and bought it and now we are all hooked. Scary that she seems to know her way around my touch better than I do. The kids (and I have caught Adam late at night, too) can't seem to get enough of those birds and pigs :)

  4. Lucia,
    How did she do that?????
    The bird game is great, but it really rocks on the big screen of the iPad.