21 June 2010

Hello, Summer.

We had big plans for this weekend to celebrate the end of the school year & welcome summer.

The luau Friday evening to bid farewell to a colleague was a big hit with both the little people and big people in attendance. (May and, especially, June are VERY busy times in our lives, usually with more dinners and parties than during the holiday season.  Is this a uniquely teacher phenomenon?  I mean. . .we are BUSY.)

How low can you go?

And then the weather changed, with rain the entire weekend and temperatures in the low 60's.   No kidding.  Is this the first day of summer?  So much for fun in the sun this weekend.

Disappointed, Young One longs to play outside.

It's still pretty chilly today, but at least the skies seem to be clearing a bit in Northern Italy.
Hello, Summer.

(Dear Mother Nature:
I am not complaining.  I am happy to have a cool house on 21 June.  In August, when the heat will be unbearable, then I will be complaining. . . now, I 'm just stating the facts.


  1. I don't think I can remember unbearable temperatures too well, it's been so long! Happy summer!

  2. I know what you mean. We are in a strange way looking forward to sweat-inducing heat day in and day out. Gives us an excuse to do nothing but head to the pool