17 October 2011

Monday Link Love & a Spider, Oh My!

Spooky Spider Spied at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge (VA, Summer 2011)

For gratitude . . .  Spent -- Can you make it work on $1000 / month with no money in savings?

For confirmation . . . "Hearing Bilingual: How Babies Sort out Language" (Brain power!)

For listening . . . Baton Rouge's Better Than Ezra releases Death Valley (Geaux Tigers!)

For the oven . . . How to Make a Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie (My dough is chilling.)

For a quick & easy craft time with kiddo . . . Simple Snowflake Ornaments (Add glitter!)

For the stovetop  . . . John Folse's Chicken and Andouille Gumbo (Made it Saturday, minus the mushrooms. Yummy.)

For the kid's bookshelf . . . Pippo the Fool by Tracey Fern (Love the story & the rich vocab; great read aloud for young minds)

For my blog reader . . . The Tipsy Baker by Jennifer Reese (After hearing her interviewed on Marketplace about her newly released book: Make the Bread, Buy the Butter!)

And finally . . .

Up for debate in our house: To Nespresso or Not to Nespresso? That is the question.
(Either way, I will never let go of a morning cup of Community. Ever. These days we are purchasing the dark roast beans and grinding them each morning.)

Happy Monday!


  1. We have these spiders here in Georgia! They are look way scarier than they really are. Thanks for all the links. Can't wait to check them out. Hope you have a fantastic week!

  2. Love the links!

    But that spider is creepy! It looks like some of the monster-spiders we have in Japan! Yuck.

  3. That's one spooky spider, and some great links. I've added "Pippo" to our library list, gumbo to this week's menu and "tipsybaker" to my blog list (for my husband, who is the baker in our house). Thanks for sharing!

  4. so. . . what did you decide? Nespresso or no? We loved ours so much in Lux that we bought one here. The only downside is the lack of pod recycling (in lux you could bring your used pods back to the Nespresso store where they would be recycled) This type of coffee system will not work for those who love a pot of coffee. But if you just need a cup or two, a Nespresso is great. I don't miss the mess and hassle of a coffee maker, that's for sure. Keep us posted.

  5. We are still researching it a bit. I would like a quick and easy way to make espresso in the afternoon. Actually, I like the stovetop the best, but often I won't make it bc of the mess involved.
    It's really what we should stick too.
    But . . . I like gadgets.