15 October 2011

perspective from a city girl

Yesterday afternoon one of Young One's classmates came home from school with us for a Friday afternoon play date.

Considering that the last time a "city kid" came out to the country with his dad to visit us he had quite an aversion to the smells of the country, which shouldn't be confused with those of the country club he frequently visits, I was just a bit curious to see how this would go. I'm not sure if he got a whiff of the cow across the street or the rabbits and chickens right next door, but the odor lingered with him the entire time he was here and became his (obnoxious) focus.

m and dile 

This little girl was so completely different. The minute the cliffs came into view she became ecstatic with delight, and in super-speed Italian relayed a hiking adventure of her family and shared how much she just wants to climb those rocks, those high and mighty cliffs.  And she continued and continued without pause for breathing until I parked the car. She didn't notice the smell, but ran quickly instead to one garden, and then to the next. Oh, how beautiful! Oh, look at the tomatoes! (Fillipo has one vine that is hanging around from warmer days.) Oh, look at the roses! Oh, the little olive tree. And how many cats are here!  This seven-year-old  girl from the city has an expansive vocabulary of flowery Italian language that makes everything so much more lovely than reality. Her excitement filtered through me.

No country smells at all on this crisp fall afternoon. Not that we notice much any more.

Pizzeria with Lamp Hanging from the Ceiling  and Satellite and Antenna on the Rooftop

I had expected that they would spend their time inside, exploring the dress-up box and the AG collection. Of course, they were outside the entire time, instead . . .  because when you live in a palazzo in the middle of the city and you are seven . . . you think that colored chalk on the blacktop out back which is surrounded by "mountains" is the bees-knees.


The Table is Set & Ready for Guests

I think Young One is picking her friends well.


Have a super weekend. The temps here are perfect for gumbo. That's what's for dinner! Boy does that make me happy.


Ps. I've discovered that colored sidewalk chalk is not very common here. It's always a hit with Italian children. This little girl was very excited to take a few pieces of Young One's stash home with her. It's the simple things, isn't it.


  1. Well, colored sidewalk IS pretty amazing. I'm glad the girls had fun, and that there weren't any, uh...smelly problems. Your house sounds lovely!

  2. What a good play date! I love it how the italian girl is wearing furry boots, while your girl is wearing a little summery skirt - so typical! When in the US, I'm always the one wearing 6 more layers than everyone else ...

  3. This post is so adorable; lovely captured images as well :)

  4. I think I can smell your neighborhood because I know that smell from Switzerland. Even though we lived in the city. It smelled like cows. Eventually, we didn't smell it any more either. Glad your daughters friend was so excited to come visit and thought everything was so amazing. That is a good friend for your daughter to have...one that finds the good in everything.

  5. The smell of a horse pasture always takes me back to my childhood. So many wonderful memories....I know it sounds weird, but I do love that grass/manure/horse hair smell. It was my life for a long time.

  6. Thanks for stopping by. Young One was underdressed, no doubt. I try to keep up the Italians' sense of cold / hot, but I always seem to be behind the curve.