11 September 2013

corner view

corner view :: for lunch

Stinco di Maiale with Potatoes | Trento, Italy / September 2013

"Mamma, every time we go out I always look at what the adults order and it looks so good. I want to start trying those things. I want what Daddy had after the hike."

Anybody in the mood for some roasted pork shank?
She loved it.


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  1. Love that she wanted to try a grown up meal. My children have moved on Children friendly meals and are getting more adventurous! Looks amazing! Yummy!

    1. We all ate a bit and STILL did not finish it! Goodness.

  2. That's a lot of food for a small girl! It's a fun time when the kids start exploring grown-up food. Good things ahead!

  3. I'll take some of the herbed potatoes please =)

  4. The meal is almost as big as she is :-)

  5. Your photo is very fun, I love it!