01 March 2015

present participle list | february 2015

I'm jumping on the monthly "present participle list" bandwagon this year, partly because I'm excited that there are people who can identify present participles and partly because I'm hoping it will end this blogging break I seem to have permanently taken. I hope to continue with the "weekend (-ing)" posts soon as well.

As February 2015 draws to a close, we three are ...

Celebrating  The middle school has been chosen and it's something all three of us feel very good about at this time, even if Young One continues to remind us that we promised she could change if things don't work out. We are fairly confident that they will because she is very fortunate to have been selected for the music section.

Cooking Another goal of the year is to add more of the food I grew up eating to my family table. So far we've made a great jambalaya, a not-so-great jambalaya and a rockin' shrimp creole. I'm excited to be learning (from books, from online searches, from YouTube, from family) about what goes into these dishes. There is so much about cooking that can't be understood simply through the words of a recipe.

Traveling We joined some friends for a long weekend in Nice. I love France, even in the rain.

Abstaining My favorite part of being a Catholic is the tradition, so you might imagine I love the Lenten period. My Lenten sacrifice to save my soul this year is alcohol, as in I will not consume a drop from Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday. So far, so good. Young One has given up meat...except at lunch...and when it's the only thing available.

Changing We removed the 42 inch television from the main floor / living room and have replaced our 10+ year-old grand couch for a 2-person love seat. I am loving that change, and none of us misses the television. We also created a music space for Richard in the taverna after doing some much-needed spring cleaning. (Oh, that love seat that was supposed to be delivered 25 February...we haven't seen it yet.)

Marveling Those bulbs I planted in the late fall? They are either in full bloom or poking their little heads from the soil. | And on another note...the Katy Perry concert in Milan was a marvel unlike anything I've ever experienced. Yes...we love the Pop Princess.

Planning Spring and summer break will be here before we know it. The plans are in motion, some reservations have been made, some flights booked.  I love traveling as much as I love being at home; it's a constant conflict.

See you around soon! I blogged seven times in the short month of February. I'm on a roll!

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